What happened with LCSweb?

LCSweb was designed to allow researchers and those seeking to use Learning Classifier Systems within applications access to material on LCS and discussion between members of the LCS community. The site served this community since its was started by Alwyn Barry in 1997. Enhanced and maintained later by Jan Drugowitsch, LCSweb became a valuable community resource. The site was completely community-driven and allowed members to contribute to the content of the site and keeping it up to date. Later on in 2005, Xavier Llorà started LCS and other GBML Blog to cover a gap providing information information regarding the International Workshop on Learning Classifier Systems (IWLCS), the collection of LCS Books available, and GBML related news.

New times, new tools, new challenges

On March 2009, Jan Drugowitsch, Will Browne, and Xavier Llorà  decided to unite efforts and start LCS & GBML central. They merge LCSweb and LCS and GBML blog into a new integrated site that targets integrating:

  • LCSweb community-driven content repository
  • LCS and GBML blog news and book tracking

and expanding its community-driven nature by providing

  • Aggregation of feeds provided by members of the community
  • Renewed resources and material
  • Community forums